Arts on the Park Starts New Season
By EDWIN RYAN BAILEY Polk News Chief [Full Story]

"...Photography and mixed media works dominated the show, as is
evident by the awards announced at the opening Thursday night.
Judge Beth Ford's choices seemed very clear to me.

"Best of Show" deservedly went to Barbra Beeler for Batgirl, a large Polacolor Transfer. Combining tight photography with a mastery of depth-of-field and solid composition, it is a modern Vanitas. A visually slick image made more powerful by remnants of emulsion run-off around its edge, Beeler's work represents the new tradition of photographic still life...."

Edwin Ryan Bailey has a master's degree in fine arts and is a full-time artist and art instructor. He can be reached in care of the News Chief: "Art Scene" appears the first and third Friday of each month.